Extremely helpful…a great attorneys to have on your side.

The Wheeler Law Office helped me not only get my case dismissed, but get the charge expunged as well! Extremely helpful and is overall a great attorneys to have on your side. Will definitely be recommending them to others that need some help with legal troubles.

Skyler C
Aubrey, TX
Wheeler Law Office is without a doubt the best in Denton!

I was initially charged with a DWI. With the Wheeler Law Office help and expertise of the law I was able to get my charge reduced to a obstruction of highway. They are without a doubt the best attorneys in Denton!

Denton, TX
I would recommend this attorney to anyone!

I was arrested for a DWI after a motor vehicle accident and my blood taken without a court order. The first attorney I hired simply wanted me to plead guilty to the charge. At this point I hired The Wheeler Law Offices. They knew of a Supreme Court ruling that said your blood cannot be taken without a court order. They filed a motion to have the blood test suppressed and the DA's office eventually agreed to suppress the blood without actually going to the judge for a ruling. After the blood was suppressed we went to trial. Based upon the video and the arresting officers inability to conduct the DWI tests properly I was found "NOT GULITY".
After the trial the Judge told them they did an excellent job in defending this case and I wholeheartedly agree!

Flower Mound, TX
They are the best defense attorneys...

The Wheeler Law Offices are the best defense attorneys I've ever met and worked with, they worked very hard to see that my charges were reduced. Excellent attorney glad I had them to represent me.

Clarence R.
Really knows hows too help! Life saver

They are really really good attorneys that handled two of my cases both were pretty serious charges and one them got dismissed and will also work with you with payments if money is ever an issue. They are the best I was lucky enough to find such a good attorney like them if anything they will be the one firm I will ever go too.

Denton, TX
They got my DWI dropped down to obstruction of the road!!

I got arrested for DWI, I needed a very good attorney to help me out. The moment my father and I walked into their office, I knew they were the attorneys for me! They know exactly what they are doing and I am very pleased with their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and without a doubt will call them if needed again. They got my DWI charges dropped down to an obstruction of the road charge. That is very impressive!

Miranda Flores
Flower Mound, TX
The Wheeler Law Office was AWESOME!!

They got my DWI down to an obstruction of passageway MID TRIAL! They helped me out with a payment plan and was available anytime I had a question. They kept me up to date on everything happening and were amazing to work with. They've been straight forward about my case and continue to give me great legal advice. If you find yourself in this situation, my condolences, it's no fun but this is your Law Firm. They were great!!

Lewisville, TX
They are outstanding attorneys!

They successfully dismissed my DWI case! They also successfully overturned my drivers license suspension. They were always available to answer my questions and keep me informed during the entire process. I am extremely thankful for their hard work on my behalf. I would strongly recommend The Wheeler Law Offices to represent you. They are very knowledgable about the court process and how to successfully represent facts to the judge. My results prove their effectiveness. I am truly thankful they represented me.

Travis Boren
Roanoke, TX
Best case scenario

Not only are they very neat and presentable, but they were also nice and very personable in a very nerve wracking and foreign time for me. They were always upfront and never promised what they couldn't handle. I believe time on the prosecution side at the District Attorneys office helped them know what to expect and to get my case dismissed. I hope I never need to but I would definitely use their services again, and recommend them to anyone else in need.

Providence Village, TX
This Firm took care of me

I hired them into 2013 my cases were a little different than most. I had 2 DWI cases back to back within four months. Most people would just assume that they would have to do jail time no matter what. But they not only kept me from doing jail time they took care of both cases in a manner that I believe only they could have done. I won't say how much probation time I received. But I can tell you that it ended up being a ridiculously short amount of time. All that being said not only was I in trouble with the law but I lost my job. They help me out financially I was able to pay them when I had the chance. And I can say with all honesty and certainty it was worth every penny If you are in trouble with any such cases that they take care of I can guarantee you will not be displeased. They take care of things in a very professional and friendly way. The Wheeler Law Offices are easy-going and very professional and I would hire them again anytime.

C Hubanks
Denton, TX


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