"Erica Wheeler…,I will forever be grateful!!"

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have to The Wheeler Law Offices and how fortunate I was to have their representation. Erica Wheeler got my felony charges dropped to a misdemeanor. I will forever be grateful!! Don’t hesitate to contact her if you ever need a lawyer. She’s the best in the DFW! She’s a 10⭐️ star lawyer! I wish The Wheeler Law Office the very best!!

 Agustin C.

"From opening statement to closing statement they were awesome!"

I contacted The Wheeler Law firm in October of 2020 about a case that had been charged against me. From our first consultation I knew I had picked the right attorney for my case. They listened to my story and gave feedback on cases they had been involved with similar to mine and then told me what strategy they would take to have me acquitted of the charge. We went to trial March of 2022 and I was acquitted. From their opening statement to closing statement they were awesome! I would recommend them to anyone who has a case they can help with. Thank you to The Wheeler Law Offices and their entire legal team!

Jon H.
Denton, TX

"Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness"

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have to The Wheeler Law Offices and how fortunate I was to have their representation. It was not my first time requiring legal representation and I can say that, in light of my own experience, having an Attorney who can deliver a desired or positive disposition in a case is difficult and stressful enough, but finding an Attorney who can deliver the best results AND is attentive to your needs, takes the time to listen to what you have to say, expresses empathy for your situation, and will walk with you throughout the process is like finding a needle in a haystack. The Wheeler Law Firm is that and more.

Patrick M.

"You Will Not Find a Better Counsel in all of DFW"

The Wheeler Law Offices – For The Win. Their acumen, expertise, and powerful grit means you will get the optimum outcome for your situation. Listen to their comprehensive, thoughtful, valuable advice and guidance, you will not find a better counsel in all of DFW. If you’re reading this, Wheeler Law Offices is the legal counsel you need on your side, now!

North Texas

"By Far My Best Experience With Any Attorney"

The Wheeler Law Firm has been by far my best experience with any attorney. I turned myself in on a Friday afternoon on what was supposed to be an easy in and out mix up charge and got held up and lost in the process. My wife spent the majority of the weekend looking for a way for this to be cleared up. The Wheeler Law Offices took her call over the weekend and had everything presented to the DA and Judge first thing for an easy and early release. They even took the time to explain and show the errors to the offices and got the case disposed of. In short it was an easy in and out clean case of a mix up but I needed the skilled professional knowledge of The Wheeler Law Offices on my side for the Denton Judiciary System to be made aware of it all. I am keeping them in my contacts and they will always be my first call if ever needed. They will definitely be who I recommend to anyone in need of legal services. My wife and I can not thank them enough!

Chris R.
Collin County, Texas

"The Three Best Words in the English Language: Motion to Dismiss!"

My son needed to answer a Denton County warrant from out of state. We were worried that whoever we hired might not give his case the attention it needed, and it was scary to hire someone without being able to meet with them face-to-face. All of my worries were alleviated as soon as I talked to The Wheeler Law Offices, who listened, clarified, and gave us honest answers to all of our questions.  They did not sugarcoat the issues either, which I appreciated. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a vigorous, down-to-earth and compassionate defense. Because of the Wheeler, Law Offices we got to hear the three best words in the English language:  Motion to Dismiss!

Rockford, IL

"In My Opinion They Are The Best"

I am totally grateful that I hired The Wheeler Law Offices for my case. Their excellent negotiation skills with the DA office resulted in getting my case dismissed. They worked very hard on my case and got me the justice I was looking for. They knows what they are doing. I will strongly recommend The Wheeler Law Office to anyone who is looking for an experienced and skillful criminal defense attorney. In my opinion, they are the best!

Little Elm

"They Cut to the Facts of My Case and Won"

When my life was turned upside down they cut to the facts and won – extremely knowledgeable, objective & factual. Team Wheeler navigated my case with a tactful strategy to a dismissal. Cheers Wheeler Law Office! I interviewed several criminal defense attorneys and selected The Wheeler Law Offices based on their confidence and reputation. If you ever find yourself or a family member in a situation needing a criminal defense attorney – throw all those other solicitations in the trash and schedule an appointment with Wheeler Law.

Hickory Creek, TX

"Kept Me Informed About My Case and Helped Tremendously"

I cannot thank Wheeler Law Offices enough for everything they have done to help me. I am so grateful and blessed to have them represent me in my case. This firm worked very hard and I would HIGHLY recommend The Wheeler Law Offices to anyone in need of an attorney. This firm always kept me informed about my case and helped me tremendously. I am so lucky to have had them represent me! They are the BEST attorneys out there! They went above and beyond with my case. I cannot thank them enough for the amazing work they did to help me!

Denton, TX

"Awesome Lawyers"

I am very pleased with The Wheeler Law Offices. I think they are awesome lawyers! They went above and beyond what I was expecting. And Renita is always very responsive. I would recommend The Wheeler Law Offices to anyone!


"They are Damn Good"

I am very happy to write a review for The Wheeler Law Offices. They are exceptional attorneys. On the professional front, they are very thorough with the case details. They figure out the best approach forward and the most likely outcome. I have seen them live in the court room fighting a trial. And they are damn good. They know how to make it work in his client’s favor. With their help, I was able to bring the truth in front of the jury. And we won the trial. The Wheeler Law Offices communication with their clients is very prompt and timely. On the personal front, I find them endearing. They are humble and friendly. They have strong ethical values. Their paralegal, Renita, is very professional and kind. I will totally recommend The Wheeler Law Office if you need an attorney to help you out. I wish Wheeler Law Office the very best!

Little Elm

"It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s SuperWheelerLawOffices"

From the moment of my consultation thye made me feel as if was they were the attorneys for my case. With this being my first time to go through such a process they were thorough, patient, and understanding. Renita was/is a very reliable and sweet person. They worked out a comfortable payment plan and kept me informed throughout  the entire process. I felt they went above and beyond for my case his knowledge and strategies lead to my case being DISMISSED. I highly recommend Wheeler Law Offices.


"In My Book They are the Best"

I thought I was going to leave the most enthusiastic review… but others exceed my abilities!

I can add that they were also EXCELLENT with me about keeping me informed; they were friendly and compassionate, and I too had an OPTIMAL OUTCOME…, DISMISSAL .

I can not imagine how they could be better… so, in my book…THEY ARE THE BEST ! I wish them the best always and hope to see them again (only in a social occasion kind of way of course ! ) some day.


"The Best Quality…Guidance"

The Wheeler Law Office and staff were a blessing from the get go. The biggest quality I was looking for being a first time offender was guidance. I was always in the loop with my case and obligations throughout the entire process. Can’t thank you guys enough! Cheers….with non alcoholic beverages of course 🙂

Little Elm

"Charges Acquitted Within 1 Hour of Juror Deliberation"

No words can truly express my gratitude to The Wheeler Law Office. The firm worked countless hours to provide the BEST defense possible! Their knowledge and experience is absolutely phenomenal!  If you are looking for the best possible legal defense, without a doubt The Wheeler Law Office is the way to go! They are very informative, prompt, and knowledgeable to say the LEAST!!!  They represented me for a DWI and with their outstanding representation I was acquitted of charges within 1 hour of juror deliberation. I cannot express how important it is to have the best possible representation available, and that is The Wheeler Law Offices!!!! Thank you again for your remarkable representation!

Arlington, TX

"They more than earned their fee"

Just got out of court where they defended my son for a DUI and based on their experience and proficiency in the courtroom was able to obtain a not guilty verdict, saving my 21 year old son from a potential lifetime black mark on his record. I just can’t say enough about how expertly they presented the case to the jury. The officer performed an illegal stop on my son and they presented the evidence so effectively it was never in doubt in my mind; and then 30 minutes later the jury agreed! I don’t think a lesser attorney could have handled the case as well as they did. They more than earned his fee for us – highly. Highly recommend their services should you unfortunately ever need them.

Tom Fox
Highland Village

"So happy to have trusted the other reviews on this page"

Highly skilled and likable attorneys – definitely will be my first recommendation to anyone who asks. They kept Denton County from walking all over me.. and WON! So happy to have trusted the other reviews on this page… definitely saving this number in my phone! His assistant, Renita, was super friendly too! Best attorney for the worst county in TX!

Rachel J.
The Colony

"If you want the best defense…hire the Wheeler Law Offices"

They are without a doubt the attorneys who knows what they are doing in the court room…they are definitely the attorneys that fight for YOU. They handled 3 of my cases and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. It’s never easy dealing with the court system it’s scary and stressful, they always made me feel like everything was going to be
ok. The best part of this unpleasant ordeal was knowing I had a confident competent attorney on my side, I will be forever grateful for their service and would advise everyone to hire them if you want the best defense, they are a 10 in my book.
A million THANKS!!!!

Martha A.

"I cannot thank them enough"

I was referred to The Wheeler Law Offices through a trusted family member. I am grateful every day I chose them to represent me in my case. They are honest and trusted who will treat you with respect and fight for what’s in your best interests. Like many other reviews a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have a grateful heart to them. They always took the time and patience to work with me though my case. I cannot thank them enough for the time and dedication he spent on my case and ultimately the dismissal.

Without a doubt I recommend Wheeler law offices for any and all situations concerning the law.

S. McPherson
Trophy Club, TX.

"They lifted a heavy weight from my shoulders"

I retained Wheeler Law Offices to represent me on two separate occasions. My offenses were in Denton and Collin counties. Living out of state concerned me and I felt they and their staff were absolutely amazing in keeping me informed every step of the way. Not to mention that the Collin county case was time sensitive. Wheeler law offices have lifted a very heavy weight from my shoulders and I am once again living a normal life. I cannot thank them enough for all their efforts to resolve my issues.
I strongly recommend Wheeler law offices for any and all situations concerning the law.

Fort Lauderdale FLA

"DWI charge Dismissed!!"

They were always readily available to help me with any questions/concerns I have had. They worked out a payment plan. I’m very pleased that I stuck to my defense and fought the charges as they had suggested. I would definitely use them in the future if ever needed.

Lewisville, Tx

"Extremely helpful…a great attorneys to have on your side."

The Wheeler Law Office helped me not only get my case dismissed, but get the charge expunged as well! Extremely helpful and is overall a great attorneys to have on your side. Will definitely be recommending them to others that need some help with legal troubles.

Skyler C
Aubrey, TX

"Wheeler Law Office is without a doubt the best in Denton!"

I was initially charged with a DWI. With the Wheeler Law Office help and expertise of the law I was able to get my charge reduced to a obstruction of highway. They are without a doubt the best attorneys in Denton!

Denton, TX

"I would recommend this attorney to anyone!"

I was arrested for a DWI after a motor vehicle accident and my blood taken without a court order. The first attorney I hired simply wanted me to plead guilty to the charge. At this point I hired The Wheeler Law Offices. They knew of a Supreme Court ruling that said your blood cannot be taken without a court order. They filed a motion to have the blood test suppressed and the DA’s office eventually agreed to suppress the blood without actually going to the judge for a ruling. After the blood was suppressed we went to trial. Based upon the video and the arresting officers inability to conduct the DWI tests properly I was found “NOT GULITY”.

After the trial the Judge told them they did an excellent job in defending this case and I wholeheartedly agree!

Flower Mound, TX

"They are the best defense attorneys…"

The Wheeler Law Offices are the best defense attorneys I’ve ever met and worked with, they worked very hard to see that my charges were reduced. Excellent attorney glad I had them to represent me.

Clarence R.

"Really knows hows too help! Life saver"

They are really really good attorneys that handled two of my cases both were pretty serious charges and one them got dismissed and will also work with you with payments if money is ever an issue. They are the best I was lucky enough to find such a good attorney like them if anything they will be the one firm I will ever go too.

Denton, TX

"They got my DWI dropped down to obstruction of the road!!"

I got arrested for DWI, I needed a very good attorney to help me out. The moment my father and I walked into their office, I knew they were the attorneys for me! They know exactly what they are doing and I am very pleased with their services. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and without a doubt will call them if needed again. They got my DWI charges dropped down to an obstruction of the road charge. That is very impressive!

Miranda Flores
Flower Mound, TX

"The Wheeler Law Office was AWESOME!!"

They got my DWI down to an obstruction of passageway MID TRIAL! They helped me out with a payment plan and was available anytime I had a question. They kept me up to date on everything happening and were amazing to work with. They’ve been straight forward about my case and continue to give me great legal advice. If you find yourself in this situation, my condolences, it’s no fun but this is your Law Firm. They were great!!

Lewisville, TX

"They are outstanding attorneys!"

They successfully dismissed my DWI case! They also successfully overturned my drivers license suspension. They were always available to answer my questions and keep me informed during the entire process. I am extremely thankful for their hard work on my behalf. I would strongly recommend The Wheeler Law Offices to represent you. They are very knowledgable about the court process and how to successfully represent facts to the judge. My results prove their effectiveness. I am truly thankful they represented me.

Travis Boren
Roanoke, TX

"Best case scenario"

Not only are they very neat and presentable, but they were also nice and very personable in a very nerve wracking and foreign time for me. They were always upfront and never promised what they couldn’t handle. I believe time on the prosecution side at the District Attorneys office helped them know what to expect and to get my case dismissed. I hope I never need to but I would definitely use their services again, and recommend them to anyone else in need.

Providence Village, TX

"This Firm took care of me"

I hired them into 2013 my cases were a little different than most. I had 2 DWI cases back to back within four months. Most people would just assume that they would have to do jail time no matter what. But they not only kept me from doing jail time they took care of both cases in a manner that I believe only they could have done. I won’t say how much probation time I received. But I can tell you that it ended up being a ridiculously short amount of time. All that being said not only was I in trouble with the law but I lost my job. They help me out financially I was able to pay them when I had the chance. And I can say with all honesty and certainty it was worth every penny If you are in trouble with any such cases that they take care of I can guarantee you will not be displeased. They take care of things in a very professional and friendly way. The Wheeler Law Offices are easy-going and very professional and I would hire them again anytime.

C Hubanks
Denton, TX

"I would absolutely recommend!!"

We contacted The Wheeler Law Offices to handle a few tickets that had the potential to be “troublesome” – they handled them quickly AND were very good about keeping me in the loop regarding changes. Since that time, I have needed to contact them and he continued to be extremely helpful.

Michelle Cree
Denton, TX

"I am very very pleased with their services"

I had got a ticket when my insurance had expired and I found The Wheeler Law office and they got my ticket dismissed! I am very very pleased with their services and would recommend them to anyone and i will for sure be calling them again if need be.

Chad Davis
Denton, TX

"I wholeheartedly endorse this Law Firm"

I wholeheartedly endorse this Law Firm. They were hired to handle a felony theft charge on my daughter in Denton County arising from a domestic dispute with a roommate. Their experience as criminal defense attorneys, along with their excellent working relationship with clients and officials in the criminal defense system, make him an excellent choice to represent anyone facing criminal charges. I would definitely hire The Wheeler Law Offices again, should the occasion arise.

Timothy Holt
Denton, TX