This Firm took care of me

I hired them into 2013 my cases were a little different than most. I had 2 DWI cases back to back within four months. Most people would just assume that they would have to do jail time no matter what. But they not only kept me from doing jail time they took care of both cases in a manner that I believe only they could have done. I won’t say how much probation time I received. But I can tell you that it ended up being a ridiculously short amount of time. All that being said not only was I in trouble with the law but I lost my job. They help me out financially I was able to pay them when I had the chance. And I can say with all honesty and certainty it was worth every penny If you are in trouble with any such cases that they take care of I can guarantee you will not be displeased. They take care of things in a very professional and friendly way. The Wheeler Law Offices are easy-going and very professional and I would hire them again anytime.