Probation Violations

If you’ve been charged and found guilty of certain felony or misdemeanor charges, in lieu of jail time you may receive a sentence of probation. Probation, or community supervision as it is referred to in Texas, can be either judge or jury ordered, and allows you to serve your time under the direct supervision of law enforcement, while enabling you to continue to work and live within the community. If you’ve been sentenced to community supervision, there are a number of mandatory policies and procedures you must follow-as well as activities you will need to avoid. Failure to adhere to any of these terms may be considered a probation violation and could result in your community supervision being revoked, leaving you vulnerable to arrest and incarceration for the remainder of your sentence.

If you’ve received an order of community supervision, it’s important to know the exact conditions of your probationary sentence. If you’ve been accused of violating any of these conditions, you need an aggressive defense attorney who can keep your probation from being revoked, and keep you out of jail.

Conditions for Community Supervision

Under Title 1, Chapter 42 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, if you’ve been placed under community supervision , the criminal proceedings for your case have been deferred, and the imposition of a sentence has been probated, or delayed, pending the completion of the community supervision program. If you successfully complete the program, you will be credited with serving your sentence. If you do not complete the program, or fail to adhere to the program guidelines, you may be required to finish the remainder-and any potential additional time-in jail or prison.

Probationary guidelines can vary case to case, but commonly may require adherence to the following:

  • Regular, mandatory reporting to a Supervision Officer
  • Electronic monitoring, including location tracking
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol screenings
  • Attendance at drug/alcohol education classes or group therapy session
  • Mandatory employment and the payment of restitution to victims
  • Requirements to perform community service

In addition to any of requirements the court has imposed as a condition of your community supervision, one of the main requirements is to have no further involvement in any criminal or otherwise illegal activity for the duration of your probationary sentence.

Being accused of violating of any of the conditions of your probation is a serious matter, and can result in mandatory jail time.

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