Pre-Trial Diversion

If you’ve been charged with a non-violent crime, such as DWI or Shoplifting, depending on your past record, you may be eligible for a program called Pre-Trial Diversion, or PTD. PTD is a program run by the District Attorney’s Office, and it offers a second chance to first time offenders-a chance to get your charges dismissed and your record cleared. Not everyone is eligible for PTD, and you will need the recommendation of an experienced criminal attorney , as well as the cooperation of the District Attorney, in order to be accepted for the program. For certain offenders, PTD can be a valuable tool in reclaiming your former good name, and putting your criminal charge behind you.

What Happens In Pre-Trial Diversion?

Under Texas Government Code §76.011, the pre-trial diversion program was established to offer first time offenders a second chance, and to provide services that would possibly deter future criminal behavior. In PTD, the criminal behavior of participants is considered to be the result of bad choices and errors in judgment that, with the correct treatment, need never be repeated. Participants in PTD receive services with the goal that the appropriate education and treatment will result in a change in their behavior. Services provided by PTD include:

  • Personal and group counseling sessions
  • Drug and alcohol abuse education and treatment
  • Referral to local community service organizations

In addition to these services, the PTD program often requires participants to pay restitution for their crimes and to perform community service, while closely supervising program participants in order to ensure the protection of the community at large. Participants are required to check in on a regular basis, as well as complete drug and/or alcohol screenings, as determined by the court.

Qualifying for Pre-Trial Diversion

In order to qualify for Pre-Trial Diversion, certain criteria must be met. Qualifications for entering the PTD program include:

  • Participant must be a non-violent offender
  • He or she must be a first time offender, with no criminal past
  • Participant must be referred by a licensed Texas attorney, and be accepted to the PTD program by the District Attorney’s office
  • The participant must acknowledge their wrongdoing, and have a willingness to participate in the program and adhere to PTD guidelines.

Pre-trial diversion is an excellent opportunity to avoid criminal conviction, and to address behaviors which led to criminal charges being brought in the first place. Upon successful completion of the program, participants may petition the court to have their records expunged-in the hopes of putting this negative part of their past behind them forever.

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