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Prosecuting Weapons Charges

There a variety of situations in which assault charges can be raised. A recent example occurred when a woman told Denton law enforcement that her boyfriend had pointed a semiautomatic handgun at the woman’s head. The gun, however, never fired off a round. Presenting this information after an argument, the woman described herself as being in a long term dating relationship with her boyfriend, who was not named in the report....
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Internet Theft Charges

There are a variety of situations in which charges are made against online buyers and sellers for fraudulent behavior. A recent example involved the Craigslist site. An Anderson County man reported that an ATV had been stolen through a transaction on Craigslist. The man had sold a Polaris RZR ATV on Craigslist for $38,000 with a payment option of periodic payments available. The man selling the ATV eventually came to agreement with a buyer....
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Pleading Guilty to a DWI in Denton

When motorists are charged with DWIs, the resulting consequences can be particularly severe if the the deaths of other individuals are involved. Recently, an Austin woman with a history of driving under the influence of alcohol was sentenced to 18 years in prison for a 2014 DWI crash that killed two people. The driver on trial in this case ultimately pled guilty to two counts of intoxication manslaughter arising from the deaths of two individuals....
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Cases Involving Drug Sniffing Dogs

The particularly sensitive noses of drug sniffing dogs frequently provide law enforcement with an effective tool for determining the presence of illegal drugs. In one recent example, a Denton woman was arrested and charged with drug possession after a short vehicle chase through Easton. The chase in question began when a Talbot County law enforcement officer attempted to stop the motorist’s vehicle because the driver was allegedly driving on a suspended license....
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Unlawful Restraint Charges in Denton

A Denton man was recently arrested after he barricaded himself in his home with his wife and two small children. Law enforcement was initially called to the scene on a domestic disturbance report and was then informed that the man was making irrational statements, armed with a shotgun, and threatening to harm his family. Law enforcement hostage negotiators had to talk to the man for several hours before he eventually surrendered. Fortunately, no one was injured....
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Excessive Force in Response to DWI Arrest

A woman is pursuing an action against local law enforcement because the woman claims that law enforcement used excessive force during her 2013 arrest for DWI. The woman is asking for compensation for two elbow injuries that she believes were incurred due to a law enforcement jerking her arms during the arrest. The woman is also seeking damages for mental anguish that was caused when a law enforcement officer allegedly choked her. The woman has stated that her motive behind the lawsuit is to prevent anyone else from having to endure this treatment from law enforcement....
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12-Year-Old Charged With DWI

A 12-year-old boy in Austin is under investigation for driving while intoxicated after a chase and collision occurred. The 12-year-old was first spotted by a law enforcement officer as he weaved in and out of traffic. Although law enforcement initially thought that the child was an adult driver who was texting, the officer began to suspect a person driving while intoxicated after seeing the vehicle cross over the road’s center....
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Threatening Law Enforcement During DWI

A Brownwood motorist was recently arrested on a driving while intoxicated charge. The motorist also faces additional charges after making numerous threats to a law enforcement officer, including threatening to track him down and beat him up. The man remained in jail on charges of driving while intoxicated, retaliation, and resisting arrest. Law enforcement took the man to a nearby medical center for a blood draw after placing him under arrest....
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Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

Four teenagers were recently arrested after robbing a man in Denton. Denton law enforcement responded to the scene of a reported robbery and upon an arrival were informed by a witness that fours men had hit, kicked, and then robbed another man of his wallet and backpack. Law enforcement immediately began to search the area for the four men and eventually found them in a wooded area near a Home Depot store. Law enforcement also found the victim’s wallet. Upon being questioned by law enforcement, the men admitted to the robbery....
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Motorists Charged With Three or More DWIs in Texas

Motorists in the state of Texas who are convicted of multiple DWI offenses face particularly significant penalties. A judge in Montgomery recently sentenced a motorist to life in prison after the he was charged with his ninth DWI offense since 1980. The charge in question resulted from an event in which the motorist drifted into a lane of oncoming traffic while turning at a stop sign and nearly struck another motor vehicle....
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