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Drug Related Homicides

After using phone records and information disclosed by a witness to identify and arrest a suspect, law enforcement in Lewisville recently constructed a drug-related homicide case against an individual. The individual was then placed in the Denton County Jail on a $100,000 bond for a murder charge and $25,000 on an unrelated assault charge. The case arose when law enforcement found an individual who had been shot six times at close range in a parked vehicle....
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Vehicle Stops Involving the Odor of Marijuana

Recently, law enforcement in Denton arrested a woman on drug charges after law enforcement smelled marijuana coming from the woman’s parked motor vehicle. During a routine patrol, law enforcement approached two individuals who were located inside the vehicle in question. As law enforcement approached the vehicle, one of the individuals attempted to exit the vehicle and walk away from the location. Law enforcement proceeded to search the motor vehicle and found some marijuana, an anti-anxiety pill, and synthetic marijuana....
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Criminal Trespassing Charges

Texas law enforcement recently arrested a 60-year-old individual for criminal trespassing. For individuals in Texas who are cited with criminal trespassing, it is often a wise idea to retain the services of a skilled Houston attorney who can fight for your charges to make sure that your case resolves in a positive manner. Applicable Law...
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Non-Alcohol Public Intoxication

A man in Denton was recently arrested after covering himself with black ink and running through traffic. Law enforcement were called to the scene. When law enforcement notified the man that he was breaking the law, the man proceeded to say, “I know the law, I am the law!” The man then told a law enforcement officer to take off the officer’s belt and gun. The man had a clear glass pipe in his hand, which was later determined to contain amphetamine residue....
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Assaulting a Public Servant

A man in the Denton area was recently arrested on assault charges after repeatedly beating a Denton police officer in a solitary confinement cell in a Denton Jail. The individual at the time was attempting to make a phone call from a standard jail cell when the individual started banging the phone’s receive against the wall. Two law enforcement officers then moved the individual to a solitary confinement cell. Both law enforcement officers took the individual to the ground as the cell door closed and locked behind, which resulted in two officers being briefly trapped inside....
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Man Sentenced to 30 Year Sentence for Methamphetamine Possession

A man in the Denton area was recently charged with 30 years in prison due to methamphetamine possession. The man in question has a long history as a habitual offender including charges related to the unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, organized criminal activity, and numerous drug possession charges. The methamphetamine in question was found on the man during a routine traffic stop during which the man attempted to toss a bag full of methamphetamines into a garbage can. ...
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Texas Teacher Charged with Invasive Visual Recording

A Texas teacher was recently charged after being suspected of using hidden cameras to film female students who undressed in a classroom closet. More specifically, the video camera captured six teenage girls in “various stages of undress” from the 2015 to 2016 school year. Thomas’ live-in girlfriend was the individual who first notified law enforcement about the teacher’s activity....
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Whataburger Thefts

Law enforcement in Cross Roads recently discovered a large quantity of the small plastic tents that display order numbers at the Whataburger fast food restaurant. It is reported that law enforcement had more numbers in their possession than the Whataburger restaurant location that reported the theft. A warning was then issued on Facebook that teenagers could potentially be cited for theft of property if they are caught stealing these numbers. Some individuals report that this type of activity has occurred in the Denton area for many years....
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Falsifying Documents Charges

Among the several theft related crimes for which individuals in the state of Texas can be charged are offenses related to falsifying documents. An individual in Denton was recently charged with two counts of theft, four counts of forgery of a private document, three counts of possession of private documents, three counts of issuing false documents, and three counts of forgery orders for money or goods. These charges arose from a situation in which an individual was receiving checks from an employer and then purchasing goods without proper authorization....
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Aggravated Assault Charges

Each year in the Denton area, there are numerous charges of aggravated assault made against individuals. One of those individuals was recently charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he held his girlfriend at knifepoint. The incident occurred after law enforcement arrived at a location to discover that several unidentified people were at the individual’s home. While the victim of the assault at first denied anything had occurred, the woman was later discovered to be scared because her boyfriend had held her down with a knife and threatened to kill her....
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