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Fake Invoices and Felony Theft Charges in Texas

The owner of a business in North Texas is facing felony charges. The business owner was recently arrested at home in Denton County after a seizure of the man’s paperwork from the business's former office. The theft in question occurred due to fake invoices that were written to American Eagle for nearly $10,000. Law enforcement reported that the man was involved in a number of claims. Felony theft is considered a serious crime in the state of Texas and can result in serious penalties as well substantial obstacles in one’s occupation....
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Possession of Dangerous Drugs in University of North Texas Case

Law enforcement has conducted its third arrest of a person related to the University of North Texas basketball team. The individual who was arrested was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of a dangerous drug. In addition to this individual, law enforcement has arrested the team’s former student manager on charges of engaging in criminal activity and possession of marijuana and another former player on marijuana charges....
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Dallas City Council Passes Cite and Release Program

Dallas City Council recently voted to change their existing marijuana laws. A new “cite-and-release” program will no longer result in individuals who are caught with less than four ounces of marijuana being imprisoned. Instead, effective October 1, 2017, law enforcement will no longer arrest individuals for these offenses, but only issue a citation. Individuals in these cases will have their marijuana measured and taken into evidence by law enforcement....
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Man Tased for Resisting Arrest

Denton law enforcement recently used a taser on a patient from a mental health facility who resisted arrest. The facility in question helps individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Law enforcement told the man to leave the street prior to arresting him on a charge of being a pedestrian in a roadway. After being tased, law enforcement took the man into custody. This is just one case of individuals resisting arrest....
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Police Officer Charged With Stalking and Burglary

A recently issued arrest warrant for stalking and burglary charges was made against a Dallas law enforcement officer with cancer. Law enforcement eventually arrested the man at his estranged wife’s house, who has alleged that the man was stalking and harassing her for several months. The man also made comments on social media that made the woman fear for the safety of herself and her children....
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Law Enforcement Arrest Man in Stranger’s Apartment

At the beginning of April, Denton law enforcement arrested a man who barricaded himself inside the bathroom of a stranger’s apartment. The man was wanted for multiple robberies. The arrest warrant affidavit revealed that the man poked a Subway restaurant clerk with a tire tool wrapped in a rag. Before law enforcement arrived at the scene, the man broke into the door of the apartment, which caused one of the apartment’s residents to call 911....
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Charges of Felony Theft

An individual was recently arrested in the Denton area on a felony theft charge after law enforcement claimed that he stole approximately $21,000 from the Ponder Fine Arts Booster Club bank account between August 2014 and December 2015. According to a law enforcement arrest affidavit, club members first learned that money was missing from the club’s account at Bank of the West in December 2015 because the account was overdrawn....
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Recent Chase Leads to Discovery of Alleged Marijuana Operation

A law enforcement chase in the Denton area recently concluded with officers discovering 4.3 pounds of marijuana in an individual’s possession as well as more than $3,200 in cash and several firearms including some weapons that might have been stolen. According to an arrest warrant, the chase in question arose because the man involved is claimed to have hit and choked his girlfriend. The individual refused to respond to law enforcement and even closed his door on an officer’s hand. When law enforcement attempted to make an arrest, the man broke free and fled the scene....
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