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Criminal Defense

Law enforcement recently responded to a harassment case after a woman determined that nude videos of herself were available on Instagram. The video in question depicted the woman’s breasts, and data prior to the video’s removal revealed that in the hour the content was available, the video was watched by 14 people. The woman announced that she wanted to pursue charges.

In recent years, with increasing access to the internet and video use, cases of “revenge porn” have become much more common. Cases of revenge porn have become so common that the state of Texas recently enacted laws to address this behavior. In 2015, legislatures in Texas passed a law prohibiting revenge porn. With this new law in existence, it is important for people to understand the penalties now associated with these crimes.

What Constitutes Revenge Porn

Revenge porn includes any type of photo or video that is captured of an individual engaged in a sexual situation and is taken without consent from the subject. Revenge porn is most often posted with the intent to humiliate, intimidate, or shame the subject. While revenge porn is often captured by a lone individual, there are also cases of revenge porn involving websites that have shared these details. Most revenge porn websites, however, have since been disbanded.

After digesting lysergic diastolic acid (LSD), a man recently assaulted a Denton law enforcement officer, which resulted in a chase. The man was then taken to Denton City Jail where he was charged with assault of a public servant and non-alcohol related intoxication. Denton law enforcement was initially dispatched to the scene after reports of a man screaming for emergency medical assistance. Law enforcement proceeded to follow the man as he walked into traffic, which caused police officers to create a traffic block to avoid an accident.

What is LSD?

Each year in Denton and the surrounding area, there are several arrests made of individuals who possess or distribute LSD. A powerful hallucinogenic drug, LSD is manufactured from rye as well as other grains. In nearly all cases, LSD is produced in secret laboratories throughout the United States and other countries. During the manufacturing process, LSD is produced in a liquid form and then combined with another substance prior to sale. Most often, LSD is combined with blotter paper, which is perforated into single squares of LSD.

State Laws Related to LSD

A Dallas law enforcement officer was recently arrested and charged with stealing hundreds of dollars from a grocery store located in Denton County. Employees at the store notified law enforcement that a man left the store with close to $830 in groceries without paying while wearing a Dallas law enforcement officer’s jacket. The law enforcement officer who was charged told the reporting officers that he had grown distraught when he thought his vehicle was stolen and went outside with his very full grocery cart. Law enforcement, however, smelled the strong smell of alcohol on the man’s breath. Law enforcement took away the officer’s badge and service weapon then transported the man to the Denton County Jail.

Shoplifting is the most common type of theft and frequently results in very serious penalties. A person convicted of shoplifting faces various penalties including fines, imprisonment, and being banned from the store where goods were stolen. Many people also find that a criminal record impacts the future of their career. Given the serious consequences associated with these penalties, this article will discuss some important pieces of advice that a person should follow if charged with shoplifting.

What is Shoplifting?


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