Family Violence Assault Charges In Denton

A man was taken to the Denton County Jail recently after his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her near a storage facility located on Smith Street in Denton. The enforcement occurred after law enforcement was called to a domestic disturbance at an Affordable Self Storage location. The man was arrested on a charge of family violence assault. A family violence assault (also known as a domestic violence charge) is not something to be taken lightly in the state of Texas. You can end up being denied job opportunities, prohibited from possessing a firearm or hunting, and banned from seeing your own children without supervision. As a result, if you are charged with a family violence assault charge, obtain the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. It is also often a wise idea to follow some important pieces of advice, which will be reviewed in this article.

Follow No Contact Orders

It is absolutely essential that no matter what, you follow no contact orders. Even if you want to make an effort to fix your relationship with your ex, it is more important to follow the no contact order and avoid any additional penalties. Only if you are permitted to, should you attempt to former partner or the victim and apologize or show remorse.

Establish a Self Defense Argument

If you are able to show that you only performed the action on the day in question because you were fearful for your own safety, you will likely be able to raise a strong defense. You can also raise a strong defense if you are able to demonstrate that you performed the action in question only to protect a child. If this type of action was taken only out of defense, a person will be able to defeat a family violence assault charge.

Determine if Your Constitutional Rights Were Violated

You are likely able to raise a strong defense if you can argue that the law enforcement did not read your rights or violated search and seizure protocol. In these cases, there is a strong possibility that you can argue your Fourth Amendment rights were violated and your case will likely be dismissed.

The Incident was an Isolated Event

If the opposing side has a strong argument and you are not able to raise a strong defense, often your best choice is to show that the act was an isolated event aid not at risk of becoming a pattern. If a judge accepts this argument, the penalties that a person ends up facing are likely to be reduced as much as possible.

Speak with a Denton Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with family violence assault, you are likely afraid of the many life-altering consequences on your future that a conviction would have. To increase your chances of obtaining a positive result in your case, contact Wheeler Law Offices. Our legal counsel can analyze the facts in your case and will remain committed to fighting for the best possible results for your situation.

(image courtesy of Samuel Zeller)