LSD Charges In Texas

After digesting lysergic diastolic acid (LSD), a man recently assaulted a Denton law enforcement officer, which resulted in a chase. The man was then taken to Denton City Jail where he was charged with assault of a public servant and non-alcohol related intoxication. Denton law enforcement was initially dispatched to the scene after reports of a man screaming for emergency medical assistance. Law enforcement proceeded to follow the man as he walked into traffic, which caused police officers to create a traffic block to avoid an accident.

What is LSD?

Each year in Denton and the surrounding area, there are several arrests made of individuals who possess or distribute LSD. A powerful hallucinogenic drug, LSD is manufactured from rye as well as other grains. In nearly all cases, LSD is produced in secret laboratories throughout the United States and other countries. During the manufacturing process, LSD is produced in a liquid form and then combined with another substance prior to sale. Most often, LSD is combined with blotter paper, which is perforated into single squares of LSD.

State Laws Related to LSD

Despite efforts by medical professionals to have LSD recognized as a therapeutic drug, the substance has no approved medical use and is listed as a Schedule I drug on the Texas Controlled Substance Act.

Any offense regarding LSD is classified as a felony, which can result in severe penalties based on the amount that is found in a person’s possession.

The state of Texas defines a single dose of LSD as an “abuse unit,” which is used when courts in Texas assign penalties.

Federal Laws Related to LSD

In some situations, possession of LSD is prosecuted as a federal crime, particularly if trafficking the drug across the state lines is involved. The exact penalties that a person faces depends on whether they have been charged with a similar offense before. A person who is charged with a first offense can expect to face the following penalties:

Trafficking between one and nine grams. This offense will result in up to 40 years in prison and a fine of up to $2 million.
Trafficking between over 10 grams. This offense can result in up to life in prison and a fine of up to $8 million.

Other Types of Drug Possession Charges in Texas

Some of other hallucinogenic drugs that are commonly involved in possession charges in the state of Texas include the following:

  • 2C-I, which is a synthetic drug commonly referred to as “smiles”
  • DMT, which is referred to as “dimethyltryptamine”
  • MDMA, which is also referred to as “Ecstasy” or “E”
  • Mushrooms
  • Peyote, which grows in the area of the Texas-Mexico border

Contact a Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being convicted with LSD possession is a serious offense. If you are charged with any type of LSD related offense, it is important to speak with a seasoned criminal defense attorney. At Wheeler Law Office, our legal team is knowledgeable about the various penalties that can arise and knows how to make sure you obtain the representation that you deserve.
(image courtesy of Joel Filipe)