Charges Made After Repeat Instances Of Domestic Abuse

Recently, a man was arrested in Denton on assault charges after law enforcement claims the man scratched and assaulted his girlfriends of six months at an apartment. The man was taken to Denton City Jail on outstanding warrants for assault causing bodily injury with no previous convictions and having an open alcohol container in a vehicle. The girlfriend claimed that the man assaulted her about 20 times since they started dating. After the suspect assault the woman, she fled to a neighbor’s house only to return later that day when she received more abuse by the man.

Types of Domestic Abuse

Physical abuse is what most people think of when the topic of domestic abuse is introduced. Physical abuse can include biting, hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, slapping, or any other type of behavior that physically harms an individual. In addition to physical abuse, there are several types of domestic abuse of which individuals must be aware. Emotional abuse occurs when a partner humiliates someone, is overly critical, or blames the individual for his or her own behavior. Abuse can also include controlling behavior in which the abuser attempts to control who the partner socializes with and talks to. Domestic abuse can also include sexual assault, which occurs when one partner forces the other partner to have sex against his or her will.

How a Seasoned Attorney Can Help

A seasoned attorney can help someone who is harmed by physical abuse obtain a restraining order. Against his or her partner These orders make it illegal for the abuser to contact the victim. If a person is in immediate danger of being harmed, it is also possible to obtain an emergency order. While temporary emergency orders are limited in nature, permanent restraining orders last for a much longer period of time. To obtain a restraining order, a victim often must present a court with various types of evidence including medical records, photographs, police reports, and witness testimony, Restraining orders can last between several months to several years.

If You are a Victim of Domestic Violence

If you are harmed by domestic violence, it is important to follow several recommended steps:

  • When confronted with law enforcement, ask for an attorney to be present first. There is a risk that if victims speak for themselves, that law enforcement might interpret the situation differently.
  • Photograph your injuries and maintain documentation about how the event occurred including medical or police reports.
  • Understand that a skilled attorney can prove to be particularly helpful because there are various defenses that can be raised by the abuser. These defenses include defense of others, self defense, or attacking the victim’s credibility.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Denton Criminal Defense Attorney

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(image courtesy of Andreas Weiland)