Man Arrested After Stripping At Gas Station

Recently in Denton, a man walked into a Shell gas station claiming that he was going to die before taking off all his clothes. Law enforcement reports that the man appeared to be in an altered mental state due to methamphetamine intoxication. While law enforcement gathered the man’s clothes, they found crystal methamphetamine, five prescription pills, and a syringe. The man was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in unknown condition. After obtaining an arrest warrant, the man was later charged with possession of controlled substances. It is important to remember that there is no required level of intoxication to be charged with methamphetamine intoxication. Being under the influence of methamphetamine is also a different charge than possession of a controlled substance, which the man in this case was charged with.

The Nature of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamines are listed as a harmful drug under the Controlled Substances Act of the Texas Health and Safety Code. A very powerful drug, methamphetamine stimulates a person’s brain and nervous systems by causing a significant boost in energy and intense euphoria. One of the deadly elements of methamphetamines is that first-time users can become addicted to the substance very quickly. A second deadly element is that methamphetamines are inexpensively made from commonly found household products, which has led to widespread use of the substance. A third deadly element of the drug is that it can easily be produced by individuals without much training and then sold for a significant amount of money.

Methamphetamine Associated Crimes

There are several crimes associated with methamphetamine usages including possession and intoxication. It is also common for assault and other acts of physical violence to occur among individuals who buy and sell methamphetamines. Methamphetamine addicts are known to commit robbery and various types of theft in an effort to obtain money to support their drug addiction.

Methamphetamine comes in one of three forms. The drug can be a bitter tasting, odorless, white powder that dissolves in water, chunks of crystals, and large chunks of the substance which are yellow and swallowed by users. It can also be particularly difficult for law enforcement to determine whether a person is under the possession of methamphetamines. Individuals who take methamphetamines are known to become aggressive and paranoid and the drug can result in heart attacks and sudden death in otherwise healthy individuals. As a result of these many associated crimes, law enforcement is faced with many obstacles in successfully pursuing enforcement of methamphetamine abuse.

How a Top Denton Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

For individuals charged with the commission of a crime, there are several important pieces of advice to follow. One of these pieces of advice is to obtain the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Few attorneys are skilled in handling all of the complicated laws involving methamphetamine, but the legal counsel at Wheeler Law Office is. Contact an attorney at Wheeler Law Office today.

(image courtesy of Markus Spiske)