Pleading Guilty To A DWI In Denton

When motorists are charged with DWIs, the resulting consequences can be particularly severe if the the deaths of other individuals are involved. Recently, an Austin woman with a history of driving under the influence of alcohol was sentenced to 18 years in prison for a 2014 DWI crash that killed two people. The driver on trial in this case ultimately pled guilty to two counts of intoxication manslaughter arising from the deaths of two individuals. In the incident in question, the motorist was driving northbound when her vehicle collided with a vehicle that was traveling eastbound. The passenger in the car traveling east died at the scene of the accident, while the driver ultimately died at a local hospital. When the motor vehicle collision occurred, the intoxicated motorist reportedly expressed concern to law enforcement about three eight-ounce glasses of wine that she had consumed the night before the collision. Law enforcement further observed both a strong odor of alcohol on the intoxicated driver’s breath and saw that the woman’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The official sentencing in this case is scheduled for January 13, 2017.

The Effects of a Guilty Plea

Once a motor vehicle driver pleads guilty to DWI, the driver will be convicted of the offense. Individuals must understand that a guilty plea will be treated in the eyes of the law in the same manner as a conviction. Once a guilty plea is entered, individuals often have a difficult time withdrawing such a response. The state of Texas sentences individuals who are charged with first time DWIs to up to 180 days in jail. Individuals are also likely to face fines for DWI charges. Individuals who have a history of DWI offenses will face even more significant penalties.

Even Innocent People Plead Guilty to DWIs

Many individuals who are charged with a DWI end up feeling uncertain and afraid about the future of such a case. Often times, individuals decide to plead guilty to a DWI because the individual is told that without such a plea a long and complicated trial will likely be held during which the individual will be found guilty of DWI.

Retain the Assistance of a Skilled DWI Attorney

For motorists who are charged with DWI, it is a common dilemma to wonder whether it is a better idea to fight the DWI charge or plead guilty and move on with one’s life. In many situations, it is a better idea to fight a DWI charge than plead guilty to such an offense. If you are charged with a DWI or related offense in Denton or the surrounding area, it is important to obtain the services of a knowledge criminal defense attorney. The legal counsel at Wheeler Law Office has successfully helped many clients who have faced similar charges. Available at any time, the legal counsel at our firm has the ability to create a strong defense so that an individual’s case resolves in the best possible manner.

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