Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity

Four teenagers were recently arrested after robbing a man in Denton. Denton law enforcement responded to the scene of a reported robbery and upon an arrival were informed by a witness that fours men had hit, kicked, and then robbed another man of his wallet and backpack. Law enforcement immediately began to search the area for the four men and eventually found them in a wooded area near a Home Depot store. Law enforcement also found the victim’s wallet. Upon being questioned by law enforcement, the men admitted to the robbery. All four were eventually charged with engaging in an organized criminal activity and placed in the Denton City Jail on a $50,000 bond.

In Denton County and the rest of the state of Texas, an individual can be arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity if law enforcement alleges that the individual acted together with other individuals to commit one of many different types of crimes. It should be noted that while there are both federal and state charges concerning engaging in an organized criminal activity, this article will focus on only Texas state charges related to engaging in organized criminal activity.

Applicable Texas Law

In order to satisfy a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity, the state of Texas must prove that an individual and at least one other person either conspired to commit a crime or were part of at least a three-person organized criminal organization. In some situations, the state can face a significant obstacle in demonstrating that an individual was part of a three-person organized criminal activity. The consequences for these types of charges have the potential to be significant. Texas law enforcement often uses charges of engaging in organized criminal activity to elevate the severity of the underlying charge one degree, which can bring substantial jail time and a hefty fine. For example, in the case mentioned at the beginning of this article, participating in an organized crime is used to elevate charges one degree for participating in a robbery.

Potential Defenses

Often during the pre-file investigation involving a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity, a skilled criminal defense attorney can convince a prosecutor that evidence in question is not sufficient to prove several elements including that the combination of people in question existed in spite of evidence that multiple individuals committed several crimes. This type of legal strategy often results in charges being reduced, but because this strategy must be executed during a pre-file investigation it is often essential that individuals retain the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney early on in the case.

The Services of a Skilled Denton County DWI Attorney

Individuals who are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity in Denton County and the surrounding area frequently find that contacting the services of a skilled Denton County DWI attorney is a wise idea. If you or a loved one finds yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney at Wheeler Law Office.

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