Multiple DWI Convictions In Denton County

Last month, a Denton County woman was sentenced to 35 years in prison following her fifth DWI conviction. The woman had also already been to prison twice for felony DWI. At the time of the woman’s arrest, her blood alcohol concentration was .285 g/mL, which is more than three and a half times the legal blood alcohol limit. Individuals who are faced with multiple DWI convictions in the state of Texas frequently require the skill of a top Denton County DWI attorney. These individuals also frequently benefit from understanding some of the basic information about how multiple DWI convictions are treated in the state of Texas.

The Types of Felony DWIs in Texas

Felony DWIs in the state of Texas can have a particularly negative impact when an individual is sentenced for more than one. The most common type of felony DWI is a DWI charge when an individual already has two prior DWI convictions. The other types of felony DWIs include DWI with a child passenger, DWIs in which the motorist causes serious bodily injury to another, and DWIs in which the motor vehicle drivers cause the death of another.

Potential Penalties for a Denton DWI Conviction

Based upon how many DWIs an individual in Denton has received, there will be different penalties assigned by the court. More specifically, these penalties break down as follows:

  • Second DWI. Individuals who receive a second DWI charge potentially face anywhere from 30 days to a year in prison, a fine up to $4,000, driver’s license suspension for up to two years, and community service between 80 and 200 hours. Drivers who receive a second DWI might also face the installation of an ignition lock in the driver’s vehicle.
  • Third DWI. Upon being charged with a third DWI, individuals can potentially be penalized with between two to 10 years in prison, a fine up to $10,000, and driver’s license suspension for up to two years. Texas law dictates that a motorist who receives a third DWI must serve at least 160 hours of community service. Drivers who receive a second DWI also face the installation of an ignition lock in the driver’s vehicle. In many cases, motorists are also ordered to attend rehabilitation programs.
  • After a Third DWI. The law in the state of Texas does not specify what penalties a motor vehicle driver should face after accumulating more than three DWI convictions. In many situations, the resultant penalties can be particularly harsh. In some cases in the state of Texas, individuals have been sentenced to life in prison or lifetime revocations of driver’s licenses. Individuals in these cases will almost certainly be forced to have ignition locks installed.

How an Experienced Denton County DWI Attorney Can Help

If you face multiple DWI convictions, it is often crucial to retain the services of an experienced DWI attorney who can help a client reach the best potential outcome. At Wheeler Law Office, our legal counsel has the experience and knowledge necessary to help clients navigate the various issues that arise concerning multiple DWI convictions.