The Rising Threat Of Carefentanil Use In Texas

A record spike of drug overdoses is occurring through the Unites States, which many experts believe is due to the use of Carfentanil, a powerful drug that is also used as an elephant tranquilizer. Carefentanil is 100 times more potent than fentanyl, which is a deadly drug that is 50 times more deadly than heroin. Carefentanil is sold either in combination with heroin or in pill form. Carefentanil is so potent that the drug can be transferred to someone who simply touches or inhales it. There is no approved human use for Carefentanil. At least some of the carfentanil on the market is introduced by Mexican drug traffickers. The state of Texas groups Carefentanil in its Penalty Group 1, which also includes other drugs like heroin and morphine.

Penalties Resulting From Possession of Carefentanil in Texas

Under Texas law, it is a felony to illegally possess Carefentanil without a prescription. Because Carefentanil is grouped into Penalty Group 1 in the state of Texas, individuals who are convicted of possession charges concerning Carefentantil face particular charges based on the amount of the drug found on the individual. For possession of less than one gram of Carefentanil, individual are considered to have committed a state jail felony. When individuals are found to possess between one and four grams of Carefentanil, individuals are charged with a third degree felony. Individuals who possess between four to 200 grams face a second degree felony. Individuals who possess over 200 grams of Carefentanil are charged with a first degree felony. Based on what type of charge is made determines the potential prison sentences and fines that an individual must subsequently pay for Carefentanil possession.

Potential Defenses to Carefentanil Possession Charges in Texas

There are fortunately several ways that an individual can defend against a Carefentanil possession charge. A talented criminal defense lawyer will know which of the following strategies should best be employed in each particular case:

  • The Carefentanil Belongs to Someone Else: Individuals are often able to defend against Carefentanil possession charges by arguing that the Carefentanil did not belong to the individual or that the individual had no idea of the Carefentanil’s existence.
  • The Drug is Question is Not Actually Carefentanil: The opposing legal counsel must demonstrate that the substance in question is actually Carefentanil, which is an assertion that some individuals are able to disprove.
  • The Carefentanil That Was Found on the Individual is Now Not Present: Opposing sides in a court of law must be able to produce that actual Carefentanil that was in the individual’s possession. Opposing legal counsel is not always able to produce the actual Carefentanil, which can result in an individual’s case being dismissed.

How a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

For individuals who face Carefentanil possession charges, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has litigated many other drug cases. At Wheeler Law Office, our legal representation is able to craft individual strong defenses based upon the facts of a case and will work tirelessly to make sure that a case reaches its best potential outcome. Do not hesitate to contact our firm today if you face Carefentanil related charges.