How A DWI Charge In Denton Can Impact An Individual’s Life

Many individuals fail to fully appreciate just how many ways a DWI conviction can negatively impact an individual’s life. The impact of a DWI can range from simple to more complicated adverse consequences. For individuals who are faced with a DWI charge in Denton County, it is often wise to retain the service of a top DWI attorney who can zealously fight for an individual’s case. While there are numerous ways that a DWI can damage an individual’s future, experienced legal counsel can often help to minimize these potential consequences.

Insurance Rates Can be Impacted by DWIs

One of the most common negative effects of DWI charges is that these charges can drastically influence a motor vehicle driver’s insurance rates. In many cases, insurance rates for a motor vehicle after a DWI have been known to double or even triple in price. These rats will continue to stay at a high price level for several years.

DWIs Often Result in Substantial Monetary Penalties

DWIs in the state of Texas commonly result in substantial costs, which can potentially include: the actual fine that results from the DWI, penalties that are assigned by a court of law, the cost of a required driving school or rehabilitation program, costs surrounding a motor vehicle including the fee to install an interlock device, and the fines related to reinstating an individual’s license. DWis can easily result in hundreds or thousands of dollars that must be paid.

DWIs Limit Custody Determinations

Divorced individuals frequently find that former spouses will use the individual’s DWI charge to influence custody decisions or to limit the individual’s visitation rights with the children. As a result, DWIs can have substantial impacts on an individual’s relationship with family.

DWI Charges Can Affect Professional Licenses and Employment

DWI charges can have a direct and substantial negative impact on an individual’s professional license. DWIs can result in license suspension, license revocation, strict probation terms, and can even affect the companies with which an individual is able to work. DWI convictions can also disqualify individual from a number of employment opportunities, particularly positions that require interaction with the public.

Future Convictions Can be Greatly Influenced by DWI Convictions

Hopefully, a DWI conviction will be a one time occurrence on an individual’s record. Individuals in Denton County who are convicted of DWIs, however, often find that this conviction will be used by a court of law to increase potential penalties if the individual is charged with another offense down the road.

Reasons to Hire an Experienced Denton DWI Attorney

DWI charges in Denton County can affect a motorist’s life in a variety of ways. When faced with a DWI charge, it is often essential for motor vehicle drivers to retain the services of talented and knowledgeable legal counsel who knows how to navigate the various obstacles presented by a DWI. The legal counsel at Wheeler Law Office has the ability to help clients who face DWI charges make sure that this charge is unlikely to result in a negative outcome.