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July 2018

A man was recently arrested on theft charges in a case that involves 10 counties located in both Texas and Oklahoma and involves 8,000 head of cattle as well as loans of more than $5.8 million. The investigation in question began more than a year ago after bank officials at the First United Bank in Sanger attempted to gather the 8,000 cattle as collateral, but were unable to locate them. Through investigatory efforts, it was later determined that none of the animals were legitimately owned by the man who had used them as collateral.

It was later determined that the man was able to deceive the bank through the use of fraudulent documentation. In June 2018, an indictment was made for first-degree felony charges of theft totaling more than $200,000. The man was later arrested and placed in the Witchita County Jail. If convicted, the man could face up to life in prison as well as fines and restitution.

For people facing theft charges in Texas, it can be critical to obtain the services of a skilled criminal attorney who can review their case and help create a strong defense. While theft in Texas is a serious crime, many people are not aware that various defenses can be raised in response to these charges.

Defenses to Texas Theft Charges

In June of 2018, a man was arrested on charges of promoting prostitution after a University of North Texas student accused the man of pressuring her into performing sexual acts in exchange for money. Law enforcement investigated the case after initial reports were made in April 2018. The student reported that she communicated with the man on Kik, which is an instant messaging phone application. During conversations with this man, he pressured the student into having sex with another man and performing sexual acts in exchange for $3,000. In an attempt to negotiate, the student declined the man’s offer and sent nude photos as well as a sexual video. Later, when the man realized that the girl would not have sex for money, he threatened to create a website with the explicit photos and the girl’s phone number. Law enforcement later arrested the man.

Recently in Denton, a man was walking to his apartment when four unidentified men approached him in an unidentified vehicle. One of the men pointed a pistol and victim and instructed him to get in the vehicle. After the man got in the car, the four men attacked him. In the process, the four unidentified men took the man’s backpack, which had money and a phone in it. The victim contacted law enforcement from a nearby medical facility where he was being treated for assault. Currently, no arrests have been made in this case.

Under Texas law, though, every person is required to immediately stop their vehicle after an accident involving death, personal injury, or property damage. Failure to act in such a way is considered a hit and run. Based on the offense from which a person fled, the individual can be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony. In these situations, it is critical to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands these charges and who can help create a strong defense.

Texas Requirements to Stop After an Accident

A shooting suspect in Denton was recently arrested due to an altercation with his roommate. A man initially walked out of his apartment with blood on his hands. He claimed that his injuries were the result of self-defense due to a disagreement with his roommate.

Law enforcement later responded to the scene after reports of gunshots heard inside the home. The suspect who was covered in blood was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting his roommate in the foot with a Glock pistol. The victim was transported to a nearby medical facility with a head injury as well as bullet fragments in his foot.

Questioned by law enforcement at the hospital, the victim revealed that while he was sleeping, the roommate had entered the room with a gun and accused the victim of stealing a speaker. The man then held the victim at gunpoint and repeatedly struck the victim in the head with the pistol. Later, when the victim tried to run outside, the man fired and hit the victim’s foot. Eventually, the victim contacted law enforcement from a nearby phone.

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