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May 2018

A man in the Denton area was recently found sitting in the Mack Park Apartments parking lot in a vehicle with a small vial of cocaine, used syringes, and metal spoons. Someone first reported the man passed out in a car with a syringe in his hand. After law enforcement arrived, the man was found smoking a cigarette with a syringe in plain view. When law enforcement explained why they had contacted the man, the man responded by handing over a container with a pipe that had traces of marijuana residue. Law enforcement officers eventually requested that the man place his hands on the steering wheel. After the man left the vehicle, law enforcement uncovered a scale, grinder, syringes, and a powder substance that was later determined to be cocaine. At the Denton City Jail, the man was charged with possession of a controlled substance between one and four grams.

Possessing and distributing marijuana is illegal under Texas law, beginning with the state’s 1919 ban on the possession of marijuana. As a result, people who are charged with marijuana-related offenses in the state of Texas should understand the various laws regarding the drug in the state. It is also important to remember that if you are charged with the violation of one of these laws, you should obtain the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

In April of 2018, a woman in the Denton area was arrested after slapping her 19-year-old daughter’s face several times during a heating argument about cleaning the bathroom. Law enforcement was called to the scene of the dispute. The mother’s account of the story matched versions provided by the daughter as well as a male witness. The daughter is reported to have asked the mother for money so the daughter could return to school in Colorado. The mother replied that she would give the daughter money if the daughter would clean the house. When the mother returned to the house, the daughter and a friend were cleaning the residence. The mother grew mad because she did not like other people inside of her house while she was gone. The daughter had also not cleaned the bathroom. After the daughter made a rude comment, the mother struck the daughter in the face, head, and body. The mother was taken to the Denton City Jail and charged with assault family violence.

Assault of a family member (which is sometimes referred to as domestic violence or domestic abuse) is one of the most frequently charged crimes in the state of Texas. If you find yourself charged with this offense, it is often a wise idea to obtain the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who will fight for the results you deserve.

A woman in Denton was recently arrested on an active warrant after she attempted to choke her father. When law enforcement first responded to the call, the woman’s father reported that he was almost entirely blind and used a cane to navigate his home. The man’s daughter had walked into his house, stated she was hungry, and yelled at her father and another woman who lived there. The woman grabbed her father, ripped the front of his shirt, and put her arms around his neck in an effort to strangle him. While speaking with law enforcement, however, the man reported that his daughter did not hurt him and did not make it difficult to breathe. The woman was taken to Denton City Jail on charges of injury to a disabled person as well as criminal trespassing.

No matter if a disabled person was intentionally or unintentionally injured, the state of Texas aggressively prosecutes individuals who are suspected of committing this offense. As a result, people who are charged with this offense frequently benefit from obtaining the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

What Constitutes a Disabled Person

In 2018, law enforcement in the Denton area responded to complaints that a suspect had fled from officers while attempting to climb onto a moving freight train. Workers from the Denton County Transportation initiated the chase when they noticed a man in a leather jacket near an electrical box. The man responded to law enforcement with a fake name and fake date of birth, and then tried to run from the area. In his attempt to flee, however, the man fell and scraped his hands before law enforcement detained him. It is uncertain if the man incurred any injuries as a result of his fall. The suspect was eventually taken city jail and charged with failure to identify as well as evading arrest.

Each year, a large number of people in Texas are charged with failure to identify. This is in part because there is a lot of misunderstanding about when a person must provide identification to law enforcement. While some people believe that they are always required to identify themselves to law enforcement, other people believe that they are never required to provide identification to law enforcement. To help clear up this misunderstanding, this article will take a look at what failure to identify means.

What Constitutes Failure to Identify

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