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April 2018

Denton law enforcement recently revealed that a former sergeant with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office was arrested due to violation of child sex law. The man’s arrest occurred due to a joint investigation between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. The man was promptly terminated from his position at the Sheriff’s office. Charged with online solicitation of a minor, the man was detained in the Tarrant county jail. Online solicitation of a minor is a serious charge in the state of Texas that involves a person who commits sexual abuse against minors originating with activity on the internet. Being convicted of these charges can result in serious penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, which is why it is important that people in this situation obtain the assistance of strong legal representation.

Texas Laws Concerning Online Solicitation of a Minor

Two men in the Denton area were recently detained with 85 pounds of marijuana after a Denton law enforcement officer searched their vehicle, which was located in a parking lot. The two men were subsequently charged with possession of marijuana between 50 and 2,000 pounds, which is classified as a second degree felony in the state of Texas. Law enforcement reports that the men made a sudden right turn while driving, which caused the vehicle’s tires to squeal. The vehicle then stopped in front of a school and turned off its lights. At this point, law enforcement approached the vehicle to determine why the driver had stopped there. The officer smelled marijuana coming from the men who were then detained. While one of the men reported that there were three ounces of marijuana in the vehicle, law enforcement ended up finding a much larger amount in several duffel bags located in the vehicle’s trunk. Both men were subsequently taken to Denton County jail.

Law enforcement in Denton recently arrested two murder suspects in connection with a deadly beating that occurred in a local restaurant’s parking lot. The arrest occurred because law enforcement responded to a criminal mischief call. Both suspects were charged with murder and released from the Denton City Jail after bonds of $100,000 bail were posted. This case is just one example of how criminal mischief is prosecuted in the state of Texas.

The Elements of a Criminal Mischief Charge in Texas

Texas law (Penal Code 28.03) defines criminal mischief as occurring without the consent of the property owner when a person intentionally or knowingly damages or destroys the property of another.

Common Types of Criminal Mischief

There are several ways in which criminal mischief charges are commonly prosecuted. Some of the most common ways in which criminal mischief is prosecuted in the state of Texas include the following:

A man in Denton was recently accused of cursing loudly in the parking lot of a Walmart and pulling his arms away from law enforcement officers when they tried to arrest him. The man was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Earlier inside the Walmart, the man had accused a young woman of shoplifting and tried to convince the young lady to go into the back of the store with him. When confronted by law enforcement, the man told the officers that he had been teasing with the young girl. Law enforcement reports that the man would not cooperate and subsequently took him to the Denton City Jail. This case is just one of the many ways in which resisting arrest charges can occur in the state of Texas. If you find yourself facing a resisting arrest charge, you should not hesitate to obtain the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

What Constitutes Resisting Arrest?

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