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January 2018

A man was recently charged with harassing a public servant in the Denton area. The man charged had been given a notice of criminal demand before his arrest. The man was later arrested for trespassing at America’s Best Value Inn and was taken to the Denton City Jail. This article serves to illustrate one of the many ways in which harassment charges are made in Texas. Harassment laws are enforced in Texas to criminalize undesirable or threatening behavior.

What Constitutes Harassment in Texas

A man in the Denton area was recently arrested after law enforcement saw him inhaling fumes from a compressed air can. Many witnesses also saw the man inhaling gas from the can. The man then refused to receive medical assistance at a hospital. The man was later charged with possessing, using, ingesting, and inhaling volatile chemicals. Compressed air is just one of the most common types of volatile chemicals. A second very common type of volatile chemical is nitrous oxide, which is stored in tanks by dentists and welders, among other professionals. Law in Texas prohibits the recreational use of certain substances that are referred to as “volatile chemicals” and which are not labelled as controlled substances.

Examples of Volatile Chemicals

Some of the most commonly abused volatile chemicals include nitrous oxide, spray paint, and other chemicals that produce effects similar to intoxication or which distort a person’s balance, cognition, or eyesight. Federal law requires volatile chemicals to carry a label with a warning conveying that the chemical has harmful vapors.

Charges Related to the Possession and Use of Volatile Chemicals

Two teenagers in Denton were recently charged with robbing pizza delivery drivers after three firearms and ammunition were found at their home by law enforcement. The stolen weapons included two Remington rifles and a Walther handgun. Even more problematically, the Denton Police Department reported that this case of stolen firearms is just part of an increasing trend in Denton since 2014, with the number of stolen firearms rising from 25 in 2014 to 65 in 2016. An increasing number of firearms are stolen because more people want to use the weapons for criminal activity. While the rate of stolen firearms in Denton is increasing, compared to other cities, the number is not dramatically higher.

Being charged with firearm possession in the state of Texas is serious, and many individuals who face these charges feel uncertain about how to proceed. As a result, this article will outline some important things that a person facing a weapons charge in the state of Texas should know.

The Types of Weapon Crimes in Texas

Law enforcement recently responded to a harassment case after a woman determined that nude videos of herself were available on Instagram. The video in question depicted the woman’s breasts, and data prior to the video’s removal revealed that in the hour the content was available, the video was watched by 14 people. The woman announced that she wanted to pursue charges.

In recent years, with increasing access to the internet and video use, cases of “revenge porn” have become much more common. Cases of revenge porn have become so common that the state of Texas recently enacted laws to address this behavior. In 2015, legislatures in Texas passed a law prohibiting revenge porn. With this new law in existence, it is important for people to understand the penalties now associated with these crimes.

What Constitutes Revenge Porn

Revenge porn includes any type of photo or video that is captured of an individual engaged in a sexual situation and is taken without consent from the subject. Revenge porn is most often posted with the intent to humiliate, intimidate, or shame the subject. While revenge porn is often captured by a lone individual, there are also cases of revenge porn involving websites that have shared these details. Most revenge porn websites, however, have since been disbanded.

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