If you want the best defense…hire Alan Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler is without a doubt an attorney who knows what he is doing in the
court room... he is definitely an attorney who fights for YOU.
Mr. Wheeler handled 3 of my cases and I couldn't have asked for a better
outcome. It's never easy dealing with the court system it's scary and
stressful, Mr. Wheeler always made me feel like everything was going to be
ok. The best part of this unpleasant ordeal was knowing I had a confident
competent attorney on my side, I will be forever grateful for his service and
would advise everyone to hire him if you want the best defense, he is 10 in
my book.
A million THANKS!!!!

Martha A.
I cannot thank him enough

I was referred to Alan - Wheeler Law Offices through a trusted family member. I am grateful every day I chose Alan to represent me in my case. He is an honest and trusted family man who will treat you with respect and fight for what’s in your best interests. Like many other reviews a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have a grateful heart to Alan. He always took the time and patience to work with me though my case. I cannot thank him enough for the time and dedication he spent on my case and ultimately the dismissal.
Without a doubt if I recommend Wheeler law offices for any and all situations concerning the law.

S. McPherson
Trophy Club, TX.
Alan has lifted a heavy weight from my shoulders

I retained Wheeler Law Offices to represent me on two separate occasions. My offenses were in Denton and Collin counties. Living out of state concerned me and I felt Alan and his staff were absolutely amazing in keeping me informed every step of the way. Not to mention that the Collin county case was time sensitive. Wheeler law offices have lifted a very heavy weight from my shoulders and I am once again living a normal life. I cannot thank them enough for all their efforts to resolve my issues.

I strongly recommend Wheeler law offices for any and all situations concerning the law.

Fort Lauderdale FLA
DWI charge Dismissed!!

Alan was always readily available to help me with any questions/concerns I have had. He worked out a payment plan. I'm very pleased that I stuck to my defense and fought the charges as he had suggested. I would definitely use him in the future if ever needed.

Lewisville, Tx.
Extremely helpful…a good attorney to have on your side.

Alan helped me not only get my case dismissed, but get the charge expunged as well! Extremely helpful and is overall a good attorney to have on your side. Will definitely be recommending him to others that need some help with legal troubles.

Skyler C
Aubrey, TX
He is without a doubt the best attorney in Denton!

I was initially charged with a DWI. With Mr. Wheeler's help and expertise of the law. I was able to get my charge reduced to a obstruction of highway. He is without a doubt the best attorney in Denton!

Denton, TX
I would recommend this attorney to anyone!

I was arrested for a DWI after a motor vehicle accident and my blood taken without a court order. The first attorney I hired simply wanted me to plead guilty to the charge.

At this point I hired Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler knew of a Supreme Court ruling that said your blood cannot be taken without a court order. He filed a motion to have the blood test suppressed and the DA's office eventually agreed to suppress the blood without actually going to the judge for a ruling.

After the blood was suppressed we went to trial. Based upon the video and the arresting officers inability to conduct the DWI tests properly I was found "NOT GULITY".

After the trial the Judge told him he did an excellent job in defending this case and I wholeheartedly agree!

Flower Mound, TX
Alan Wheeler is one of the best defense attorneys...

Alan Wheeler is one of the best defense attorney I've ever met and worked with, he worked very hard to see that my charges were reduced. Excellent attorney glad I had him to represent me.

Clarence R.
Really knows hows too help! Life saver

Alan is really really good attorney he handled two of my case both were pretty serious charges and one them got dismissed and will also work with you with payments if money is ever an issue. He's the best I was lucky enough to find such a good attorney like Alan if anything he will be the one attorney I will ever go too.

Denton, TX
Alan got my DWI dropped down to obstruction of the road!!

I got arrested for DWI, I needed a very good attorney to help me out. The moment my father and I walked into Alan's office, I knew he was the attorney for me! He knows exactly what he is doing and I am very pleased with his services. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone, and without a doubt will call him if needed again. He got my DWI charges dropped down to an obstruction of the road charge. That is very impressive!

Miranda Flores
Flower Mound, TX


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