From opening statement to closing statement Alan was awesome! 

I contacted Alan in October of 2020 about a case that had
been charged against me.  From our first consultation I knew I had picked
the right attorney for my case. Alan listened to my story and gave feedback
on cases he had been involved with similar to mine and then told me what
strategy he would take to have me acquitted of the charge.  We went to trial
March of 2022 and I was acquitted.  From his opening statement to his closing
statement Alan was awesome!  I would recommend him to anyone who has a case
he can help with.   Thank you to Alan Wheeler and his entire legal team!

Jon H.
Denton, TX
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I cannot express enough the gratitude I have to Mr. Wheeler and how fortunate I was to have his representation. It was not my first time requiring legal representation and I can say that, in light of my own experience, having an Attorney who can deliver a desired or positive disposition in a case is difficult and stressful enough, but finding an Attorney who can deliver the best results AND is attentive to your needs, takes the time to listen to what you have to say, expresses empathy for your situation, and will walk with you throughout the process is like finding a needle in a haystack. Mr. Wheeler is that and more.

Patrick M.
You Will Not Find a Better Counsel in all of DFW

Wheeler Law - For The Win. Mr. Wheeler’s acumen, expertise, and powerful
grit means you will get the optimum outcome for your situation. Listen to his
comprehensive, thoughtful, valuable advice and guidance, you will not find a
better counsel in all of DFW. If you’re reading this, Wheeler is the guy
you need on your side, now!

North Texas
By Far My Best Experience With Any Attorney

Mr. Wheeler has been by far my best experience with any attorney. I turned myself in on a Friday afternoon on what was supposed to be an easy in and out mix up charge and got held up and lost in the process. My wife spent the majority of the weekend looking for a way for this to be cleared up. Mr. Wheeler took her call over the weekend and had everything presented to the DA and Judge first thing for an easy and early release. He even took the time to explain and show the errors to the offices and got the case disposed of. In short it was an easy in and out clean case of a mix up but I needed the skilled professional knowledge of Alan Wheeler on my side for the Denton Judiciary System to be made aware of it all. I am keeping Alan Wheeler in my contacts and he will always be my first call if
ever needed. He will definitely be who I recommend to anyone in need of his services. My wife and I can not thank him enough!

Chris R.
Collin County, Texas
The Three Best Words in the English Language:  Motion to Dismiss! 

My son needed to answer a Denton County warrant from out of state. We were worried that whoever we hired might not give his case the attention it needed, and it was scary to hire someone without being able to meet with them face-to-face. All of my worries were alleviated as soon as I talked to Alan Wheeler, who listened, clarified, and gave us honest answers to all of our questions.  He did not sugarcoat the issues either, which I appreciated. I would recommend Mr. Wheeler’s services to anyone looking for a vigorous, down-to-earth and compassionate defense. Because of Alan Wheeler, we got to hear the three best words in the English language:  Motion to Dismiss! 

Rockford, IL
In My Opinion He is the Best

I am totally grateful that I hired Mr Wheeler for my case.
His excellent negotiation skills with the DA office resulted in getting my
case dismissed. He worked very hard on my case and got me the justice I was
looking for. Mr. Wheeler knows what he is doing. I will strongly recommend
Wheeler Law Office to anyone who is looking for an experienced and skillful
criminal defense attorney. In my opinion, he is the best!

Little Elm
He Cut to the Facts of My Case and Won

When my life was turned upside down Alan cut to the facts
and won - extremely knowledgeable, objective & factual. Team Wheeler
navigated my case with a tactful strategy to a dismissal. Cheers Alan! I
interviewed several criminal defense attorneys and selected Alan based on his
confidence and reputation. If you ever find yourself or a family member in
a situation needing a criminal defense attorney - throw all those other
solicitations in the trash and schedule an appointment with Wheeler Law.

Hickory Creek, TX
Kept Me Informed About My Case and Helped Tremendously

I cannot thank Mr. Wheeler enough for everything he has
done to help me. I am so grateful and blessed to have him represent me in my
case. This firm worked very hard and I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Wheeler to
anyone in need of an attorney. This firm always kept me informed about my
case and helped me tremendously. I am so lucky to have had Mr. Wheeler
represent me! He is the BEST attorney out here! He went above and beyond with
my case. I cannot thank him enough for the amazing work he did to help me!

Denton, TX
He Is an Awesome Lawyer

I am very pleased with Mr Wheeler. I think he is an awesome lawyer! He went
above and beyond what I was expecting. And Renita is always very responsive.
I would recommend Mr Wheeler to anyone!

He is Damn Good

I am very happy to write a review for Mr. Wheeler. He is an
exceptional attorney. On the professional front, he is very thorough with the
case details. He can figure out the best approach forward and the most likely
outcome. I have seen him live in the court room fighting a trial. And he is
damn good. He knows how to make it work in his client's favor. With his help,
I was able to bring the truth in front of the jury. And we won the trial. Mr
Wheeler's communication with his clients is very prompt and timely. On the
personal front, I find him endearing. He is humble and friendly. He has
strong ethical values. His paralegal, Renita, is very professional and kind.
I will totally recommend Wheeler Law Office if you need an attorney to help
you out. I wish Wheeler Law Office the very best!

Little Elm


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